Final Exams in the Office of Accessibility Services: BOOK NOW

Submitted by Megan Pietryka Assistant Coordinator of Accessibility Services
November 30, 2021 - 11:03 am

Students with testing accommodations can book their requests to take final exams in our office now! If students with testing accommodations would like to take a final exam in our office, they need to request an exam slot ASAP. Our office will no longer be accepting final exam requests after December 9th at 5pm.

We need plenty of time to organize staffing and space given the size of our office. If students need to take their final exam at a different time or date than when it's scheduled, we will need written permission from the instructor giving their consent. 

Below are the instructions on how to book an exam: 

  • Log into Accommodate ( using your SMCM email and password
  • Look at the panel on the right side of the home screen and find “Testing Room”and click on it
  • Click “New Booking Request”
  • Select the desired course in the drop down menu
  • Select the date and time your class is taking the exam (Please note:if you need to take an exam at a different time due to time conflicts with another class, book as usual and reach out to our office to change the time and/or time)
  • Fill out additional information if needed (you can make a booking request without this)
  • Click “Check availability” 
  • On the right handside of the screen, there will be dates with room numbers hyperlinked
  • Click on one of the rooms
  • Enter in exam details(this a great please to let us know if you’re allowed anything in the test like a calculator or a note card) and then click “Submit Request”
  • When back on  the “Testing Room” page your request will be in the “Pending Booking Requests”
  • Once we approve your booking request, your request will be on the “Approved Booking Requests” side

If students are having trouble booking an exam please reach out to Megan Pietryka or Melissa Murray at or come to Glendening 230.