Greece study tour info session

Submitted by Michael Taber Professor & study tour leader
September 16, 2021 - 12:49 pm
The harbor of the island of Paros, which is one of the islands we'll be spending 3 nights on

In the way-before times, Apollo was believed to be behind epidemics (oh, those invisible arrows of Apollo!), but also to be the force for cures. Hence, the importance of staying on the right side of him.

Leading with our hopes that the coming months will make Apollo smile upon our 21st-century efforts to distribute hypodermic arrows filled with vaccine, St. Mary's is planning for the 13th running of its study tour to Greece, for June 2022. Professor Michael Taber will lead an info session on Friday, September 17, 3:00-3:45. Be sure to look through the full website for the Greece study tour.